"In a town that is known for it's vibrant and flourishing music scene,
there is one band that seems to be making a tremendous impact with a sound and style of it's own.
I believe that Left Setter is one of the most promising bands that Chicago has to offer."

- Chris Payne, WKQX Q101, Disc Jockey

"Left Setter rocks with genuine conviction, but it's the sweet pop hooks that keep me coming back".

- Richard Milne, WXRT 93.1, Disc Jockey

"Left Setter know how to vary a melody and when to play it hard and when to bring it in soft."

- All Music Guide

"Left Setter's sound captures the attention.
A bludgeoning assault of hard hitting melody that brings to mind a heady mix of Stone Temple Pilots and Jane's Addiction."

- Jerry Ewing, Metal Hammer, UK

"An eclectic, but inspired mix of heavy metal and melodic rock, with a distinct sonic and artistic vision."

- Skope Magazine, Boston, MA

"Left Setter is a quartet from Chicago that is currently turning heads throughout the Midwest and courting recognition nationwide.
Their amalgamation of sounds and styles gives them an amped-up Cheap Trick feel with hard guitars and a tinge of pop in their chorus melodies,
which is definitely a good thing!"

- The Album Network