Nick Langis(Vocals, Keyboards)
George Langis(Guitars, Vocals)
Sean Keenehan(Drums, Vocals, Percussion)
Turan Yon(Bass Guitars)

Left Setter returns in late Summer 2009 with the release of "IRENE". 9 socially conscious tracks documenting the hope and confusion of life within a struggling society and its disassociation with interpersonal relationships. A Chicago-based independent/alternative hard rock band, Left Setter is highly recognized for their energetic live performances and sonic recordings. Left Setter has a DIY attitude and approach to putting their art first.

Forming and releasing a 5-song EP in late 2001, Left Setter released their first full-length album, the self-titled "Left Setter", in spring of 2003. Critically acclaimed press reviews for the album helped earn Left Setter a Budweiser "True Music Live" sponsorship. Music videos for the songs "Trainwreck" and "Invasion" visually promoted the band to new video and cable outlets such as Fuse, MTV2 and Music Choice, while "Teardrop" and "11:11" helped break the band onto local, national and international radio charts. "Durbin's Poison" also earned a spot on Blender Magazine's "Best of Unsigned America" compilation cd in 2003 and "Numb" was used in an advertisement campaign for Miller Beer Company.

Releasing their follow-up album, "Left Setter II", in late 2005, "Autumn Leaves" and "Sellout" continued to make an impact at mainstream/college radio and satellite radio network XM Radio stations. Also producing their own videos, music videos for the songs "Double Zero" and "Million $ Funeral" brought to earn Left Setter a spot as guest hosts for 2 episodes of Chicago's legendary music video show, JBTV, in summer of 2006.

Maintaining a commitment to writng music that is an honest, true, and real representation of the bands' integrity and ambitions, Left Setter's relevance is defined on this new album "IRENE".